All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

How long is an acceptable amount of time to work without a day off?

So far I have been on the go since 31 August working 12-14 hour days and am ABSOLUTELY SHATTERED.  I am drained to the core, my muscles ache, my head aches, I can’t think straight and this isn’t helped by the fact that the old chef is back and seems to think that vegans do not need protein, even though I have told him countless times that I do require protein to function and have given him a list of where to get it from.  It’s funny how the last chef had no problem in incorporating at least one source of protein into every meal, but this one doesn’t appear to get it – or if he does then he doesn’t care.  I wonder how long you can survive without any protein.  What’s worse is that I’m not able to get into town to buy my own food because I never have any time off.  I am EXAHAUSTED and all I need is sleep but it seems everyone here works like troopers until either they turn sick because of exhaustion or somehow battle on through until eventually after a month or so they are finally rewarded with a day off.  I have never worked so hard in my life and I don’t know how long I can keep this up.  I’m grumpy, I’m making mistakes because I’m tired and that’s not good when you’re working with dangerous animals.  What’s worse is that it seems like no one cares or they think that I’m weak and complaining about nothing when I say that I’m tired and need a day off.

Honestly I think I will break within the next few days.

You can have the best job in the world, but if you are physically and mentally drained to the point of it affecting your health and wellbeing, you will start to hate it.  Right now I’m at that point.  I JUST WANT TO SLEEP.


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