I have arrived!

I finally made it to Namibia after a bit of a hectic journey.   First of all my train from Shepherdswell to Canterbury was cancelled and subsequent trains were massively delayed, so I had to phone a taxi to get me to my coach on time.  Then when I arrived in Windhoek I expected to be greeted by the taxi service I had booked to pick me up, but no one was there.  Fortunately a lovely lady called the taxi company for me (as my phone doesn't work here - stupid Tesco/O2) and got them to come out immediately.  Apparently they hadn't received confirmation that I definitely wanted the taxi, even though I had confirmed by email 3 days before and had got a reply from them saying all was fine...  So anyway they had to delay the bus waiting for me in the town centre by over an hour for me to get on it after being delayed by the taxi.  Very glad it was delayed, as the bus only goes once a day and otherwise I'd have been stranded in Windhoek!

Got to meet two other CCF volunteers on the bus, which was nice.  We had such a great journey up there because the wildlife viewing was amazing, even right next to the motorway!  Along the many species we saw, there were sable antelope, kudu, warthog, bushbuck, zebra, giraffe, steenbok, jackal and a spectacular lappet faced vulture!

CCF is a great place and SO BIG - 45,000 hectares of bush butting up to the beautiful Waterberg Plateau.  Yesterday was a super busy day: we had orienteering in the morning, went on a game drive to see some of the cheetahs, had a look around the museum, talked with the livestock guarding dog officer, the scat detection dog officer and the geneticist, saw a demonstration of the scat dogs, saw the cheetah cubs run around a race track in the middle of the bush at sunset and had a braai around a campfire at night.  All so enjoyable!

Today I'm off on a scat walk to find samples for the dogs, then helping out with cheetah husbandry and assisting with the cubs in the afternoon.  Then tomorrow I leave for Zimbabwe!

Better go to breakfast now :)


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