Sick of being sick

I am so sick of being worried about what people keep putting in my food.  The chefs have accidentally been putting animal fat into my meals and it is making me sick.  I've been getting really bad heartburn which is making it hard for me to sleep at night because my stomach just hurts.  I haven't had digestive problems since cutting dairy out of my diet and obviously my body is not used to all this animal fat that keeps on being thrown in.

What's more is that the chefs STILL don't seem to understand that vegans need protein.  They gave me one source of protein within the last few days (other than peanut butter which I put on ultra thick at breakfast as I'm never sure when else I can get any more) even after giving the chef a list of places I can get protein from.

Today I was meant to go to town for the first time since getting here 3 weeks ago so that I could finally go to a shop myself and stock up on essential food to keep me going.  But something happened in the research site and now I have to stay behind - hungry, tired and annoyed.

My head is hurting, I just want to sleep and I want to be able to cook my own food so that I can ensure that I'm getting the right nutrients to look after myself.  I can't stay here for 6 months if all I'm being fed is carbs and fibre, with the occasional animal fat thrown in to make me feel sick.

This needs to be sorted out or I'm leaving.  Nothing is more important than my own health and wellbeing - big cats included.


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