Time flies

I have been travelling for nearly a month now and it feels like centuries ago that I was back in the UK living in the little village of Shepherdswell and looking after the cats.  It’s funny how when you travel time seems to fly, but when you’re back home it goes really slowly.  I guess it’s partly that I’ve been so busy here that I’ve not had a moment to rest and think.  I apologise to my friends everywhere about being crap at keeping in touch with you, but when you only have a few moments to use the internet each day, and most of that time is taken up by sending work emails, it becomes hard to find a spare minute to message people.  Please do email me though to let me know how you’re all getting on and I will try to find some time to reply!!

After watching the Ngamo pride for nearly 4 weeks now I am starting to learn all of the different personalities of the lions and their various quirks.  It’s amusing and fascinating watching AT1, the cub, develop in front of my eyes.  She seems to be growing up so quickly and is already much more independent and confident than she was when I arrived.  She’s spending whole days by herself, is able to hold her own at the carcass and has even been acting dominant to some of the lionesses in the pride, which is quite extraordinary considering she’s only 8 months old!  I had a dream last night she caught her first steenbok – I wonder if that was a premonition!?

My stomach is still giving me some grief.  I’m not sure if it’s the food, water, environment, stress or something that is physically wrong with my digestive system, but I am hoping it will go away soon as I really don’t want to have to go to the doctors here.  Being ill in a developing country is not on my top ten things to be doing during 2011!


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