And here I go again on my own

Wow can't believe it's been 9 days since I last blogged.  I'm so busy here that time really does fly.  I've not really been doing anything interesting other than working, eating and sleeping.  I had another day off (second one in 6 weeks now) and spent the whole day applying for grants for my PhD, so it ended up not really feeling like I had time off at all.   I have been trying to socialise a bit more with the volunteers here so that I don't feel like such a loner all the time.  Watched a polo-cross game that the Antelope Park staff played, which was quite fun, but they spent a lot of time standing around not doing anything.
Cub drama has still be happening within the pride.  The sole remaining cub from Phyre has been brought into the pride (probably by Athena, the mother of the 8-month old) and was being looked after to some degree, but now it appears that it has been abandoned.
Watching these cubs is like watching a relative die slowly of cancer; painful to watch and you hope deep down that their suffering ends sooner rather than later.  I came here to conserve lions, not watch them die right in front of me, so these past few weeks have been very tough to deal with.   I guess that's nature though, right?
A number of other people seem to have come down with the same stomach symptoms as me, so it appears that maybe there is a stomach flu bug going around.  I'm not as bad as I was before, so hopefully things have improved down there!
Been getting frustrated with some rather ...precocial, shall we say... volunteers.  Being that my job here is to collect data, it can be hard having to nanny a bunch of volunteers as well.  I'm not a people person; I'm an animal person.  I am fine spending my days watching sleeping lions, but put me in a truck with an obnoxious person and I'll want to strangle them.  Where is this patience that I have built up so strongly for animals?


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