Rain and cubs

The rainy season has arrived!  Had quite a few intense thunderstorms since being here, which has been quite spectacular to see, especially as it has been months since it has rained properly here.  The area really needed some moisture as there were quite a number of fires starting in the park that became quite a scare to us.  Fortunately all were kept under control, but there is always that worry that maybe they won’t be able to put it out.

Had some very exciting news recently as one of the pregnant female lionesses went off to den a few days ago and has recently given birth!  We accidentally stumbled across the den complete with mother, three cubs and two other lionesses waiting diligently by her side.  The cubs looked very healthy and were suckling when we saw them, which was very cute to see.  Phyre, the mother, looked proud but tired so we left her after just a few moments as we didn’t want to intrude or scare her.

A giraffe died in the park recently, which was quite handy for the lions as they haven’t had anything large to eat for a few days now.  However, we didn’t want the whole carcass to go to waste as the lions certainly wouldn’t be able to eat an entire giraffe before it went off, so some brave young men had to come in to take some of it away to freeze.  We had to watch over them to ensure all went according to plan, which was rather nerve-wracking, especially as the alpha male was extremely close by.  It all went smoothly though (phew!) which was probably significantly helped by the hot weather and the fact that all lions had eaten too much to move!

I am *still* getting stomach problems here.  Had to have this morning off because of it, so I am thinking of one more instance happens I will have to go to the clinic.  A lovely woman in the office offered to go find me some vegan food in town when she goes at the weekend, so I gave her a wishlist and handed it to her today, so hopefully she’ll be able to find a few things from it.  I really miss the dark chocolate Jungle Oats bars from South Africa – I wish they sold them in Gweru!


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