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Cheetahs can't chase things around corners

We’ve had quite an eventful past week here at CCF.  Last week as we were driving back from a field count we found a baby bird in the barn with no sign of a mother around.  It was about the size of a newly hatched chicken and couldn’t even stand up properly, so I guess it must have fallen out of a nest somewhere in the roof of the barn.  I decided to pick it up and take it to the clinic with the hope that maybe we could at least give it some fluids and food.  When I got there no one seemed to be around so I got a shoe box and put the chick inside in the hope that it might calm down in the dark.  I got some water and tried to feed it to the little thing but sadly it died after taking just a few gulps of water.  Poor little thing, but I guess that’s nature.

Whilst rhino monitoring earlier on in the week, I saw a green mamba (a deadly venomous snake) cross the road.  This was actually the second mamba I’d seen in a matter of days, as I saw one whilst driving on a game count a few days prev…

Lessons learnt from acacia bushes

Didn't realise it'd been so long since I lasted updated!  Here's a rundown of what's been happening here.

Had a lovely Xmas Eve out in the big field, eating and drinking until we almost popped and watching the sun set over the Waterberg Plateau.

Then on Xmas day we had a pretty chilled time having brunch and then lounging about watching movies.  Later on in the evening Laurie became Santa and passed around some gifts she bought everyone, which was cute.

We all ate too much (again!) and watched the sun set (again - never can get bored of these African sunsets).  It was a really nice, relaxing evening and everyone had a good time.

On New Years Eve I spent the afternoon going out black rhino monitoring, which turned out to be a fantastic way to spend my day.  I've decided I really like driving 4x4 cars in the bush!  Especially when they have great speakers and you can rock out to AC/DC whilst driving around with the air conditioning on!  :-)  It's a great chance to s…