Lessons learnt from acacia bushes

Didn't realise it'd been so long since I lasted updated!  Here's a rundown of what's been happening here.

Had a lovely Xmas Eve out in the big field, eating and drinking until we almost popped and watching the sun set over the Waterberg Plateau.

Then on Xmas day we had a pretty chilled time having brunch and then lounging about watching movies.  Later on in the evening Laurie became Santa and passed around some gifts she bought everyone, which was cute.

We all ate too much (again!) and watched the sun set (again - never can get bored of these African sunsets).  It was a really nice, relaxing evening and everyone had a good time.

On New Years Eve I spent the afternoon going out black rhino monitoring, which turned out to be a fantastic way to spend my day.  I've decided I really like driving 4x4 cars in the bush!  Especially when they have great speakers and you can rock out to AC/DC whilst driving around with the air conditioning on!  :-)  It's a great chance to see game whilst out too.

Later on that night we all got dressed up for dinner and then headed out for an evening game drive around CCF property.  We didn't see anything too special unfortunately (other than a possible bat-eared fox, although that wasn't confirmed as it was dark and hard to see!) but it was still really nice to be out in the bush, having a laugh with friends.  At one point our safari vehicle got stuck in one of the many warthog/aardwolf holes on the road, and we all had to get out and push it out.  Thank god we had quite a lot of us to do it!

Afterwards we went back to Laurie and Bruce's house for more food, drink and partying.  It was extremely amusing (and somewhat disturbing) watching all my bosses get drunk and dance around to the Rolling Stones!!

It's getting into the rainy season here, although we've not really had many storms since getting here.  I am hoping that they will hold off for at least the next two weeks as I've planned a lot of game counts for the forthcoming week and we won't be able to go if it's pissing it down outside!  We went on a field count this afternoon and were pleasantly surprised to see a total of nine male kudus run right in front of the car.  I've never seen such a large bachelor herd before!  Later on, I had a bit of difficulty manoeuvring the very old and battered vehicle around a massive acacia bush and ended up getting attacked from the inside of the car by the branches getting inside and I've just found another thorn stuck in my arm from it!  Note to self:  give acacia bushes a WIDE berth!


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