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Car crashes and witch doctors

We’ve had really bad internet here for the last few weeks, hence the lack of update.It’s still not 100% back to normal, but at least I can occasionally check emails!
I’ve spent the last week or so doing the monthly game counts.We were so lucky recently as we managed to see three leopards within about 5 days!The first of these three happened only a few minutes after I was telling the other people in the car that leopards are so hard to spot as they stay in the bushes a lot and we probably drive past loads without realising!Odd coincidence!That first leopard was a beautiful subadult male, sat only a few metres from the road and was staring intently at us.At one point he shuffled his footing around, as a cat would do before pouncing.I was a little concerned for a brief moment that he’d come flying through the window at us! The second sighting was in the late afternoon: we came round a bend, and there he was, sat beautifully under a tree and had obviously just been hunting the group of war…

How many ways you can use an oryx horn

I have now managed to catch five mice and rats in my (humane) mousetrap in my room.The hole in my ceiling that the pesky rodents have been chewing up is about 10cm long and 4cm wide now, and it’s right above where I usually place my head on my bed.Fortunately I have the choice of two beds in my room, so I decided to strategically move onto the other bed upon realising that some of the bloody rodents were peeing into the hole!!Clever things if they have made themselves a makeshift toilet, but goddamn them for doing it above my pillow!If you believe in divine retribution, a prime example of this may be the following story.I usually give the mousetrap - complete with caught mouse in - it to the husbandry team, who take it out into the field and release it far away.However, on Saturday I was going out to do road maintenance so I decided to take it out myself.Alas, being the forgetful fool that I often am, I didn’t take it with me. I only remembered once I got back and didn’t have the time…

Poisonous spiders, puppies and partying

Evidently I’m not so great at writing in here regularly!Here’s a rundown of what’s been happening here at CCF lately.
Last week we had a farewell party for three interns that were leaving.We had a really fun evening and I even managed to stay up until 1.30am – the latest I’ve stayed awake since getting to Africa!!We were also up late the night before as it was Laurie’s birthday, so everyone came down to celebrate and we ate far too much and listened to cheesy 80s music.I felt kinda bad that we hadn’t got her a present, but she seemed to have a great time nonetheless.
The cars here are a complete joke.Or at least it seems that’s what some people think of them when they drive around here.There is not a day that has gone by since me getting here that one car hasn’t been at the mechanics for one reason or another.Just in the last month one car has got totalled twice due to “animals running out in front of them”, smashing into the cars and breaking them.I’m sure if you drive slow enough then…