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Moon walks, massive snakes and sperm

We have finally got working internet again, after a month with almost nothing!When it was repaired a few days ago I sat in front of my laptop and didn’t even really know what to do because it had been so long that I’d been able to use it that I’d started to not care about using it.It is however extremely useful for work to have net access to read journal papers , so I can finally get on with my research again.I am currently writing a paper on the views and behaviours of communal conservancy members towards predators, which is pretty interesting.Hopefully we shall get it sent for peer-review within a month or so.
We’ve had a few social events over the last month.We went out into town to a local restaurant (which turned out to be quite an effort to organise because you need permission to leave the site and a valid reason for going into town – apparently “escaping for a meal with friends” isn’t sufficient).I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to that restaurant though as it took over 2.5 hours …