Vegan organises egg and cheese events...

After going near-crazy with lack of sleep, I went to the doctor a few weeks ago, who has prescribed me with super strong hypnotic sleeping tablets.  They seem to be doing the trick, but I'm just a bit worried what will happen when they run out, as I've not been able to sleep without them.  If anyone has any good cures for insomnia, do let me know!

My second stye that I mentioned in my previous post did not go away by itself, unfortunately - this required another trip to the doctors.  I was expecting him to make a small incision into my eyelid to squeeze out the pus, as he had suggested he would do, but instead he grabbed my face in his palms and squeezed my eyelid so hard that it gave me a black eye!  It did, however, manage to get some of the pus out, but OH MY GOD it hurt!!

Whilst we're on the subject of illnesses, I appear to have been bitten by a spider on my thigh, which turned from a small ulcer to a red, inflamed and extremely painful swelling, with red marks tracing up my veins.  I'm pretty sure that it isn't too healthy, and ever since it starting hurting more, I've become very tired, headachey and nauseous.  If it doesn't look better by tomorrow I'll have to make another trip to the doctors....

In some less depressing news, I went to Windhoek last weekend with Laurie to sell some of our homemade goat cheese (note irony: vegan sells goat cheese?!).  It went really well and we got a lot of interest, and in fact a large supermarket here wants to take on the product!  We should be going back there next weekend to sell some more and hopefully make some much-needed cash.

Last Friday, I was able to take half a day off and go into town with a friend.  We wandered around the shops for a bit and then she went off to the supermarket to grab some things.  Whilst waiting for her, a Namibian dude came up to me and asked me where I got my tattoos from.  I said I got them done back in the UK and then he asked "Do you like metal music?" and I replied "Yes, why, do you?", to which he responded "Yes, although I prefer orchestral metal.  You see, I'm actually a goth".  I tried to keep a straight face, because this guy looked the furthest from goth you could possibly be and I am not even sure if he knows what the word means.  However, I decided to see how much he knew about metal, and surprisingly enough, it was quite a bit!  We chatted for a bit about bands and how depressing it is that no good bands come here (he said that last year UB40 and Westlife came to play, and that was it!), and also how it's a shame that there aren't more alternative people "like us" around.  Bless!

A few weeks ago I was given the somewhat daunting task of putting on Easter celebrations here at CCF.  I've never really been one to be that sociable with large groups of people, so it seemed kind of an odd choice for me to have to do this.  However, we ended up having a really great time and I organised a whole bunch of different activities, such as egg-and-spoon race, Easter egg painting, three-legged race, who-can-throw-a-boiled-egg-the-furthest, Easter card making, plus many more.  The day turned out to be a great success and fun was had by all!


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