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Car crash special

Last weekend I drove to Windhoek (the capital city of Namibia) with the CCF genetics technician, Janine, to run a promotion at Spar supermarket to advertise for our goat cheese (yes, I still find it ironic that I am somehow involved in cheese here being that I’m a vegan).  Now, for those of you who have been reading my blog from the start, you may remember me reversing a brand new Land Cruiser car into a ditch whilst I was in Zimbabwe.  Suffice to say, I’m not the best of drivers, and have had barely any experience a) driving off-road, b) driving four-wheel-drives, or c) driving anything larger than a Ford Fiesta.  The vehicle we were driving was a Toyota Quantum, which is an 11-person minibus.  Now, I have mentioned repeatedly to staff here that I’m not comfortable driving here, especially not in large cars or through bad weather conditions, because I don’t want to be responsible for crashing, especially with volunteers in the car.  However, alas no one has taken heed of this warnin…

Erindi, elephants and flat tyres

After being noticeably ill for a week because of my spider bite, my manager decided that I needed a break from CCF.  As a couple of staff members were going to Erindi Private Nature Reserve for a weekend anyway to collect two radio collars for two cheetahs we are giving them, he thought it’d be nice for me to go along too.  What a great suggestion! We left last Friday morning and set off for a 3-hour journey to the reserve.  The place used to be a private hunting lodge until, 5 years ago, they decided to turn it into a nature viewing destination instead.  It’s home to the Global Leopard Project run by a lovely lady called Natasha, who knows more about leopards than anyone I have ever met before.   I’d heard of Erindi a couple of years ago from an ITV documentary with Steve Leonard (from Vet School/Vets in Practice) and had wanted to visit ever since – especially to see Natasha and her leopards! Upon arriving, we were escorted to a delightful buffet lunch with oodles of yummy food to …