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Snakes, spiders, spring and scaring lizards

One of the fun things about living in the middle of the bush is that you're sharing your house with lots of other creatures.  Sometimes this isn't so fun when it is a solifuge/sun/camel spider, aka the tarantula of Namibia.  If you don't know what one of these beastily things is, it's cross between a sandy coloured scorpion, a hugely overgrown ant on steroids and a spider that seems to run as fast as a cheetah.  I'm not scared of spiders (I used to own a tarantula as a pet) but these things give me the creeps just because they are SO speedy and erratic!  Plus their jaws look about the same length as the size of their body and apparently can give you a nasty (but fortunately not poisonous) bite.  As I can never bring myself to killing animals, I have instead employed myself as Manager of a relocation project to get all the solifuges out from my house and back into the wild where they belong.  This usually means being very hasty with a glass and a piece of cardboard …