Cows, calves and cars

Since my last blog, there has been an arrival of new milking calves, namely Jersey cows and Jersey crosses.  The Jersey calves in particular are absolutely adorable and look like little deer when they’re first born.
I had fun yesterday taking some photos of 2 cheeky calves at the water trough, where one thought the water in the trough wasn’t good enough and instead decided to get the cleanest water out from the tap with its surprisingly long tongue!
Amy then decided that she was too hot and had a bath in the trough.
When I planned to do this PhD, I knew I’d need a car to drive around to different farms so that I could interview farmers.  I’ve never owned a car myself (although I was allowed to drive my sister’s old Ford Fiesta when I was 18) and have been reluctant to ever buy a car in the past as I deemed them expensive and unnecessary.  However, as public transport is basically non-existent in Namibia, the country is so vast, and farms are far apart from each other, it was essential that I had to get one.  I was a little apprehensive at this prospect, having not driven much for over 10 years.  I also wasn’t happy about having to shed out more than double the cost for a car in Namibia than what they cost in the UK.  And I was a bit worried that the car might break down in the middle of nowhere and I’d be stuck!  At least that hasn’t happened yet, but I have to say, I am so sick and tired of owning a car now after only 4 months of buying it that I am considering selling it again! 
My expensive piece of metal
First the steering went off and I needed to get the idler arm replaced (£120) and wheels realigned (£25), then the radiator started leaking, and when the farm manager here had a look at it, he also noticed that the pipe from the air filter to the engine was broken.  Next a stupid fuel attendant at Shell garage filled my diesel car with petrol, and now I have a rip in the front left tyre and might need to get another one!  I’ve had enough with driving, paying stupid amounts of money for fuel, insurance and mechanics, that I seriously am thinking that I can do away with the car for the rest of my time here.  So if anyone knows of anyone wanting a 4x4 2004 Toyota Hilux with AC, diff lock, ABS and vehicle tracker, please let me know!
The result of when people without licenses drive a farm car when drunk (NB this is not my car!)


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