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Conservationists & environmentalists: you talk the talk, why not walk the walk?

Something that has been perplexing me of late has been the phenomenon where conservationists and environmentalists alike understand the threats to biodiversity (e.g. carbon emissions from travel, overconsumption in general, and meat consumption from intensive farms) and yet are less than keen to reflect these behavioural changes in their personal lives.  Last year, upon attending a group meeting with other conservation PhD students, our supervisor provided us with biscuits.  I asked whether they would be Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certified, and he looked at me as if I were mad; "err, no, Niki, I'll buy whatever is cheapest or I find first".  A carnivore conservation organisation I know promotes the idea of predator-friendly beef, where cows are raised on farms where the farmers take proactive measures to protect them from predators so they do not have to resort to killing them.  However, they do not buy this meat themselves for their staff canteen.  Conservationis…