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How many senior women conservationists are there?

I was reminded when reading a Guardian article today that it is International Women's Day soon (for those of you who don't know, it's 8th March).  The Guardian report was of interest to me, as it talked about how there is a shocking lack of entries for women scientists on Wikipedia.  It's been over 8 decades since women won the right to vote in the UK, and you'd think that by now we should be seen as equal citizens to our male counterparts.  In fact, many of us believe that we are now considered equal.

How wrong they are.

The Times published an average salary of full-time academic staff in 2011-2012, clearly stating that in all cases across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island, women consistently earned less than men.

I took it upon myself to see whether there was an equal number of men and women employed in my University School of Anthropology and Conservation.  Only 34% of women made up the academic staff list; of two departments, anthropology raised the …