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World Vegan Day: how businesses can help more carnivores go vegan

Reposted from my article on The Guardian

The term vegan has been around for 70 years and its long list of health and environmental benefits has not been lost on some of the most influential people in the world: Ghandi, Al Gore and Bill Clinton, to name a few. Never one to pass on a growing trend, Hollywood has seen the number of celebrity vegans increase exponentially – even Mike Tyson has reportedly turned vegan to reap the health benefits.

The United Nations has urged more people to try out a plant-based diet to help reduce the burden that humans place upon the planet (and on our waistlines) but, despite all this, only 2% of Brits claim to be vegetarian and a mere 1% classify themselves as strict vegans. If we know we should be eating less meat, what steps can businesses take to help us transition to a meatless diet?
Make vegan wins clearer on packaging

Although some supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s are starting to include the golden phrase “suitable for vegans” on their products, not …