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Can farmers & conservationists agree on managing the lion & the lamb?

Reposted from my article in Africa Geographic

Have you ever found it hard to agree on what TV show to watch with your dearly beloved?  How about reaching consensus with your colleagues on how best to manage a project?  Conflicts are an everyday occurrence at home and work, sometimes leading to very heated arguments.  However, when each party holds polar opposite views on life, how on earth are they expected to find common ground?
Arguably one of the deepest and most entrenched environmental conflicts persisting is that between carnivore conservationists and livestock farmers.  One party is trying to save the species that threatens the livelihood of the other.  In a gruesome demonstration aimed at showing anger towards the government conservationists for supposedly putting carnivores before people, Swedish Saami reindeer herders dumping dead reindeer in a Stockholm public square.  American livestock ranchers have compared wolves to terrorists and Maasai communities have poached lions in …