World Goth Day

This morning, I opened Twitter to find the hashtag #WorldGothDay was trending. Given that I used to be a goth as a kid (and still am on occasional weekends!) I thought what better day to merge my love of all things black with my passion for animals and #scicomm?! So I spent the day tweeting about #GothicAnimals!

It was so popular that the Telegraph picked it up and did an article on it!

May 22nd is World Goth Day - described, on the official World Goth Day website, as "a day where the goth scene gets to celebrate its own being, and an opportunity to make its presence known to the rest of the world."
To mark the occasion, Twitter user Niki Rust, who works for the WWF as a Wildlife Technical Adviser, has been sharing pictures of her favourite gothic animals:

Today is  As a childhood goth & nature lover, I'm going to post my favourite gothic animals! First up, the Ayam Cemani chicken

Next up: great black wasp! Has a natural corsetted waist that gothic girls would die for  

@DrDavidLRoberts I'm a big fan of tarantulas! Used to have one as a pet. This beauty is a Grammostola pulchra from Brazil  

@DrDavidLRoberts As a WWF member of staff, how could I forget the giant panda? White face, black eyes, total goth!  


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