Do you like cheetahs as much as me? Then this book may be for you

I am so excited to announce that finally, after many years in the making, the cheetah book that my old colleagues from Cheetah Conservation Fund and I have been working on is out next month!!

I co-authored two chapters, one on reducing human-cheetah conflict (Chapter 13) and another on using social science methods to conserve cheetah (Chapter 35).

Cheetahs: Biodiversity of the World reports on the science and conservation of the cheetah both in the wild and in captivity, covering such aspects of cheetah biology and ecology as demography, density and feeding behavior; genetic makeup and disease risks; and home range requirements and spatial utilization. The volume includes a broad range of topics, demonstrating the interdisciplinary nature of research and conservation efforts. The book begins with chapters on the unique physiology of this species, followed by the taxonomy and genetic status of the cheetah, leading into their behavior and ecology.

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